Arete Goods was founded with a vision of creating goods of excellence. For us, the arete of a good is achieved when it performs its function thoughtfully, and in beautiful form.

Our story began with a frustration with finding ballet flats that were comfortable, simply designed and well made. In a world filled with glitzy and mass-produced, but at the core of it mediocre goods, Arete Goods was born to create just the opposite.

Arete Goods aspires to create goods that are classic, unassuming, yet elegant; traits that are embodied in the iconic symbol of our windmill.

With experience in luxury multi-label retail, technical competence in fine dressmaking and bespoke shirt-making, and above all, a curiosity and obsession with achieving the arete of goods, our team is committed to designing goods that perform their function thoughtfully and in beautiful form.

Operating primarily from our web-store allows us to eliminate retail mark-ups and maintain reasonable prices in spite of the high level of quality we offer. You are welcome to try on and feel our products in our showroom in Singapore.

Our Team

Geraldine Goh

With her experience as a buyer for a multi-label luxury retail firm, Geraldine developed a discerning taste for quality, as well as a keen understanding of what female consumers want. Fresh flowers and sketching keep her happy.

Diana Chan

Trained in dressmaking and bespoke shirtmaking, Diana is also co-founder and craftswoman at Vanda Fine Clothing, which sells handcrafted mens accessories. She enjoys travelling and keeping herself bendy with yoga.