Better known for our sumptuous street food and atrocious English that we call Singlish, Singapore has a lesser known glorious past of tailoring. We are told by industry stalwarts that back in the 60’s, Singapore was the hub for tailoring in Asia, but lost our crown somewhere in the 80’s when the industry failed to continue attracting talent.





Besides our glorious past, we decided to keep production of our garments local as we do our own patternmaking, and wanted to ensure seamless communication and strict quality control. No conference call beats knocking on your factory’s door every few days, right?

Employing a grand total of ten employees, the garment workshop we work with was founded in the 1980s. The workshop is run by a husband and wife duo who have taken on orders for uniforms, women’s shirts and men’s shirts in the past.

In recent years, they have specialised in doing contract work for men’s shirts from fancy tailor shops, while themselves staying out of the limelight.








Unlike some other larger factories we visited, they make our shirtdresses and shirts the good old-fashioned way that we like them – with only finely stitched single-needle french seams, and with the unsung heroes, the collar interlinings, all cut properly on the bias.


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