Nestled in the spectacular mountains of Cadiz, Spain, one of the many picturesque pueblo blanco (white towns) is renowned for more than being just a stop on tourist trails. Ubrique lives and breathes leather, and it has done so for over 300 years.

With over 80% of the town’s output associated with the leather industry, and around half of the population employed in leather, this town is literally the workshop of many luxury brands around the world.






The workshop that makes our leather goods is relatively young, having just ten years under their belt. However, the combined experienced of their 12 employees however, belies their youth – we were thoroughly impressed with their attention to detail, and their thoughtful suggestions with regards to executing our designs.

Boasting an exclusive client list (that we are unfortunately not allowed to speak of), we knew we were in good hands.

As with many traditional craft industries, the demand for cheap, mass-produced goods threaten the leather trade in Ubrique. We are proud to support our small workshop and the high quality work they do.


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