Having made shoes since the late 19th century, the people of Alicante, Spain, know more than a thing or two about shoemaking.

The region is responsible for over 60% of Spain’s shoe output, but we were particularly drawn to the village of Elda for their specialisation in high end women’s shoes.





After run-ins with all sorts of factories that communicated with us once a month, and others that mysteriously vanished after taking money for making our prototypes, we finally struck gold.

The small factory we work with is a third generation family-run business that employs a total of 37 staff. The business has decades, no – centuries of experience in making shoes, and shoes for women only.

In their large and spacious industrial compound, state-of-the-art shoemaking equipment takes care of all the nitty gritty details that make a good shoe great.  Their full grain goat suede and sheepskin leathers are tanned and finished in the same region of Alicante, making the entire setup extremely efficient.








Amidst the sweet smell of leather, the constant sounds of hydraulic lasting machines and humming of sewing machines, we chatted with the business owners about our vision.

We are told that many of the businesses they work for have far lower specifications than we do – using synthetics and textiles in place of their favourite material, leather, and yet sell their product for far more.

They are of course pleased that we pay attention to quality and detail, and are happy to be able to showcase their finest work on our ballet flats and sandals.


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